Wilson- (service dog)


"Not in a million years did I think an animal could bring this much joy and peace. Wilson has been such a trooper on our Christmas break! Normally, traveling is very difficult with E...and Christmas turns into a lot of anxiety and stress for everyone. But, now that Wilson is her service dog...everything is different. People keep asking me “what does he do for E?!” There isn’t one specific answer right now...just his presence makes her feel safe. And we will never stop being grateful to God for him! 💙 #servicedog …He never patient...and is so comforting. E has begged for a sibling for years, but that hasn’t been a possibility for a lot of reasons. I really feel strongly that Wilson will be a constant companion that she’s always wanted..."  12/29/18



"I wanted to let you know that I took Bertie to meet the vet today and get heartworm and flea medicine and see if she needed more shots...anyway- just wanted to let you know that they were totally impressed with y'all and your puppy (my puppy now <3). Our vet has a deal with our pet store- the vet checks out all of their new inventory and when you buy a puppy they offer the first visit for free. Long story short- they see a lot of puppies with upper respiratory infections. Each of my boys got their puppies from Petland and both came home sick. So Dr. Garza was thrilled to see how healthy Bertie is. And she's the first sheepadoodle they have! I just want you to know what a fantastic job y'all are doing. I could not be happier with my experience with y'all. Thank you so so much." 4/24/18



"Hey, just wanted you to know this Baby Rizzo sleeps with his blanket every night and carries it around throughout the day just like a baby! We love him so much, he's perfect laid back, funny, and super soft (everyone calls him teddy bear)." 6/27/18