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Goldendoodles and Sheepadoodles born in our home and raised on our Babydoll

Goldendoodles and Sheepadoodles born in our home and raised on our Babydoll


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Our Southdown Babydoll sheep are such a joy. Sitting on the front porch with our doodles looking out at the rolling hills with the sheep peacefully grazing is priceless. The Babydoll sheep is a heritage breed, originating in England. With a strong immune system and high tolerance they are  a very low maintenance flock, desirable for petting zoos, hobby farms and vineyards. Our lambs are registered with the North American Babydoll Southdown Sheep  Association and Registry (NABSSAR) According to the NABSSAR, "Their wool is favored among spinners and fiber artists. Today's breeders believe breed preservation is of utmost importance and strive to keep this wonderful breed of sheep from forever being lost."



Our goldendoodles are excellent and proven, therapy and service quality doodles! We brought our first goldendoodle, Jessie, home the year that my daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy and it was one of the best decisions my family has ever made! I had been working full time in Colorado as a firefighter but with my daughters need for constant supervision and better healthcare I left my job and we moved to TN to get the best care we could for her. Our beloved Goldendoodles Jessie was and is a constant loyal companion to my daughters every step of our journey.

The heart our breeding program is for campanionship, I have 5 sweet daughters. Two of whom I was privileged to adopt through the foster care system. Every child needs consistancy and sometimes a furry friend they can pour tears, secrets, laughter and love into. We have experienced first hand what an impact a wholehearted dog can have on families! This is our dream and why we strive for excellence in our puppies. To place a great and trustworthy dog with a wonderful family.

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I cannot say enough about the Sheepadoodle! We have absolutely fallen in love with this breed. In loyalty and companionship the sheepadoodle is much like the goldendoodle. They are more laid back and they do not tend to wander. Our sheepadoodles seem to keep the herd trait and will gladly stay close to home to watch over the family 'flock'. They truly are the best dogs you will ever love. I have had so many people tell me that they are unlike  any other dogs they have ever owned. Once our families experience life with their sheepadoodle they say it is the only breed they will ever have.

This is a great and trustworthy option for any family. 

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